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Mandate, Mission & Core Values


The Tribunal's mandate is to resolve applications brought under the Ontario Human Rights Code.


  • The Tribunal will play its role as a pillar in the human rights system by providing expeditious and accessible processes to assist the parties to resolve complaints brought before the Tribunal, and to determine complaints where the parties are unable to resolve them.
  • The Tribunal will be activist to seek a fair, just and expeditious resolution of the merits of an application.
  • The Tribunal will provide and promote meaningful and effective public interest remedies in appropriate cases. The Tribunal will not bar settlements where parties freely desire to resolve their dispute.
  • The Tribunal will seek to maintain the highest standards of integrity and quality of work.
  • The Tribunal will strive for consistency to enhance the parties' reasonable expectations of Tribunal policy and process, but will remain responsive to differing cases and party needs, and to an evolving understanding of human rights and discrimination.
  • The Tribunal will strive to promote a clear understanding of the Tribunal's work among the general public. The Tribunal will work to be responsive to the needs of its stakeholder communities.

Core Values

The Core Values inform the Tribunal's approach to its mandate. They set the foundation for the rules and policies and how those rules and policies will be applied. The Core Values are:

  • Accessibility, both physically and functionally.
    • Physically: everything from our hearing rooms to our publications and information will be designed in a way which does not create barriers to people who seek to participate effectively in the Tribunal's processes.
    • Functionally: all people, whether involved as claimants, respondents or other interests, should feel that the process is understandable, fair and relevant to their own experience, whether or not they are represented by a lawyer.
  • Fairness: the process will ensure that decisions are based on the facts, the law and the merits of the case.
  • Transparency: Tribunal procedures will be clearly established and decisions will be made in an open way, with substantive reasons that are clear, concise and understandable.
  • Timeliness: resolutions will be reached and decisions made in a timely way, so that delays do not frustrate the objects of the Code - to prevent discrimination and if a violation is found, to provide effective, meaningful remedies.
  • The Opportunity to be Heard: a complaint that is within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal will not be finally determined without giving the parties an opportunity to make oral submissions.