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American Sign Language (ASL) Guides

Information on the Process for Resolving Human Rights Applications before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

These videos, in question and answer format, provide information about the process for resolving human rights applications before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (the HRTO).

The videos provide general information only. They should not be taken as legal advice or a determination of how the HRTO will decide any particular issue.

The videos apply to new applications filed under Part IV of the Ontario Human Rights Code after June 30, 2008. For information about transition applications related to human rights complaints that were filed with the Human Rights Commission before June 30, 2008, please see the information on Transitional Applications.

Information on the Process for Resolving Human Rights Applications before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

What does the Human Rights Tribunal do?

What is the Ontario Human Rights Code?

What is discrimination?

What is harassment?

What is accommodation and undue hardship?

What else does the Code cover?

Are there situations where the Code allows unequal treatment?

How does the HRTO resolve claims under the Code?

How does a person with a human rights claim begin the process?

When should an application be filed?

What information is asked for on the application form?

What happens if a submitted application is not complete?

How does the respondent find out about the application?

How does the respondent answer the application?

What happens if a submitted response form is not complete?

Will the applicant have a chance to reply to the respondent's information?

Does the Commission get a copy of applications? Can the Commission participate in the HRTO’s process?

Can the HRTO refuse to consider an application?

Can an application be filed if the same issues have been dealt with through another process?

What if the other process is ongoing?

How does the HRTO assist the parties to resolve the application?

What happens at an HRTO mediation?

What other steps does the HRTO take to resolve an application?

What happens before the hearing?

What is the role of the adjudicator during the hearing?

What can a hearing adjudicator decide?

What can an applicant or respondent do if they disagree with the decision?

How long is the HRTO's process supposed to take?

In what languages does the HRTO conduct its proceedings?

Does the HRTO accommodate human rights related needs?


June 2008, last amended July 2010